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"Kevin Austra and Eric Francis Melaragni give excellent performances. Far more than believable, both actors managed to create two complicated and intriguing characters that are ideal opposites who compliment each other, and therefore make the perfect duo."
-New York Film Awards


"Good performances by Kevin Austra and Eric Francis Melaragni. both played naturally."

"Actors succeed in capturing shades, authentic emotional inflections that remove the characters of this short film from the classic protagonist vs. antagonist formula..."."
-The Monthly Film festival

"The two actors fill the minimalistically and meaningfully designed one location set with intense performances that carry the well-paced movie."
-Largo Film awards


romeo + juliet

"Kevin Austra was an enormous presence on the stage. His timing is wonderful, and his motions forced you to focus"
-Bill's General Thoughts Blog

romeo + juliet

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"Overall, they did a good job with the entire ensemble cast: Kevin D. Benton, Bella Dontine, Kevin Austra, Ed Aristone , Brenda Carey, David Claney, Jason R. Maga."


the outsiders

"Kevin Austra brings a unique soft layer, hidden very deep, to the bad-boy greaser Dallas Winston. it was actually the first time I understood Dallas. rather than see him as a hot-head with a chip on his shoulder, Austra shows us why Dallas acts the way he does, something I find that is often missed."

"Kevin Austra's Dallas, the bad-boy greaser who would do anything for his friends, hit the right notes."
-Delaware Arts Info Blog


sleepy hollow

"Each actor had not only played but became their respective characters. Kevin Austra was not Kevin anymore, but Ichabod Crane, an intelligent school teacher making his way from the city that never sleeps."
-Stage Magazine

"Mr. Austra was new to me and he has a certain something about him. I'd like to see him in something else."
-Bill's General Thoughts Blog

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